Meet the Team

Our nursery staff strives to help your child reach their full potential whilst they obtain a rounded education through play at our day nursery.

Managing Director - Toni - Marie Harrison

Nursery and Pre School staff

Nursery Manager - Charlotte Flynn

Nursery Deputy - Stacey

Baby Room Staff

Room Lead - Hannah

Nursery Nurse - Paige

Toddler Room Staff

Room Lead – Sam / Stacey

Nursery Assistant - Jordon
Nursery Assistant - 

Preschool Staff

Pre School Lead - Alisha

Nursery Nurse - Megan

Nursery Supply Staff

Nursery Assistant - Nycky 
Nursery Assistant - Laura
Nursery Assistant - Georgina

Nursery Assistant - Chloe P
Nursery Nurse - Sarah

Manor Leas Staff

Club Lead - Chloe P

Play Worker – Kristie

Ling Moor Staff

Club Manager – Chloe D

Club Deputy – Letitia 

Play Worker - Georgina

Play Worker - Natasha

Play Worker - Sarah

Play Worker - Megan

Sir Francis Hill Staff

Club Manager – Laura

Club Deputy - Nycky

Play Worker - Char

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