Welcome to the Baby Room

Our baby room accommodates a maximum of 12 children aged 4 months to 2 years and we work to a 1:3 adult: child ratio. Each child is allocated their own key person who will ensure that the children feel comfortable and valued as well as ensuring children receive the best individual care for their needs and development. We work with parents and Carers to ensure that babies’ individual routines are followed and babies can enjoy the home cooked food options served by the nursery or parents can supply their own food.

The baby room consists of a main room, with a carpeted area for floor play and a washable, non-slip floor for messy play and dining. Our baby room is a comfortable and inviting area with home furnishings ensuring a ‘home from home’ environment. A separate sleep room is attached to the main room where babies can sleep and rest.

A separate changing and bathroom area provides for nappy changes and toileting.

Children can enjoy a range of sensory activities, musical instruments, sand and water, soft toys - most of which are naturally resourced. At Bubbles we encourage creative play; involving activities promoting the use of senses through touch and feel textures.

Babies have opportunities to access the well - resourced garden area throughout each day.

We provide children’s diaries which will be shared with you at the end of each day which will detail everything relating to your child’s day. Whilst this doesn’t replace talking to parents/carers it does provide an accurate on-going record for the parent/carer.

Our baby room staff are experienced at working with young babies, are passionate about childcare and providing a warm, welcoming, happy environment for your child. We plan our activities to the children's interests and stage of development working within the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework.